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Sep 7, 2016

Important Update on New York

Earlier this year, the New York State Assembly and Senate passed Assembly Bill 8704-C which, if signed into law, would amend the state’s Multiple Dwelling Law and New York City Administrative Code to make it “unlawful to advertise occupancy or use” of accommodations that cannot lawfully be rented out for less than 30-day periods”. This Read more

Sep 7, 2016

Sharing Comprehensive Data About Our Community in New York City

Today we are releasing detailed data about our community in New York City’s neighborhoods. This raw dataset describes activity in each of New York City’s 195 Neighborhood Tabulation Areas (NTA), a geographic designation used by the NYC Department of Planning to describe the city’s neighborhoods in a way that aligns with US Census tracts. The Read more

Aug 19, 2016

How Airbnb Can Support Low-Income Neighborhoods in NYC

New York City suffers from some of the greatest income and wealth inequality in the nation. In Manhattan, the top 5 percent of households earned 88 times as much as the poorest 20 percent in 2013—the highest disparity of any American county. Meanwhile, over 1 in 5 New Yorkers, including 30 percent of youth, live Read more

Jul 27, 2016

New York: Jordan's Airbnb Story

Meet Jordan.  After using Airbnb as a guest, Jordan decided it was time to return the joy of the experience to people traveling to New York. “We always had such a good time staying at Airbnb listings and living like locals when we traveled away from home.  My roommate at the time, Corey, and I Read more

Jul 18, 2016

New York: Lee’s Airbnb Story

Meet Lee. Several years ago, Lee was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. With medical bills stacking up and the need to retire early from his career in finance to focus on his health, Lee turned to Airbnb to help him stay afloat. Nestled on a tree-lined street in Ozone Park, Queens, Lee’s two-family house is Read more

Lee Thomas_NY_Palmer_20160712_RET-002
Jul 14, 2016

New York: Hosting is Keeping Linda’s Family in Their Home

Meet Linda. Linda and her husband are freelance 3D animators living in Flushing, Queens. When Linda took time off after having her first child, she found her skill set had quickly become obsolete in the fast-paced world of animation. Faced with unemployment, a mortgage payment and a second baby on the way, Linda turned to Read more

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