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For countless families, home sharing is an economic lifeline, making it possible to pay the bills. Support home sharing and help everyday people around the world turn one of their greatest assets into a tool to make ends meet!

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Aug 19, 2016

Building Community Through Music

Linda Davirro and Linda Litehiser have been stalwarts of the San Francisco Parks System for most of their adult lives. Both women live in the southeastern corner of the city, home to McLaren Park, the second largest park in San Francisco. Despite its size and excellent facilities, the park offered little annual music and arts Read more

v2Linda and Linda volunteer work day
Aug 19, 2016

How Airbnb Can Support Low-Income Neighborhoods in NYC

New York City suffers from some of the greatest income and wealth inequality in the nation. In Manhattan, the top 5 percent of households earned 88 times as much as the poorest 20 percent in 2013—the highest disparity of any American county. Meanwhile, over 1 in 5 New Yorkers, including 30 percent of youth, live Read more

Aug 17, 2016

Investing in Chicago’s Douglas Park

As one of Chicago’s newest community partners, Airbnb recently announced the culmination of a vision aimed at fostering safe and fun after-school activities for Chicago’s kids. That vision came to fruition last week with the opening of a brand new Grateful Dead themed playground for the children of Douglas Park. The playground - courtesy of Read more

Chicago Playground Pic 1
Aug 17, 2016

D.C. Host: Meet Jane Brookstein

In Washington, D.C.’s Glover Park, a beautiful neighborhood just north of Georgetown, Jane Brookstein is offering international travelers a way to visit the nation’s capital as locals. “They think that D.C. is just politics - it’s where the capital is and it’s where the White House is,” Jane says, “but they don’t realize how many Read more

Jane Brookstein 2
Aug 17, 2016

A Statement on the Louisiana Flooding and our Disaster Response Efforts

Our heart goes out to those affected by the flooding, especially the families mourning loved ones lost, in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas of South Louisiana. At Airbnb, we believe in the collective power of community to make change. And in these moments, we turn to our community to open their doors and welcome those Read more

Aug 16, 2016

Data on the Airbnb Community

Last fall, we launched the Airbnb Community Compact, which included including a commitment to share data about our community. Today, we are launching a new dashboard offering easy access to previously released data about the Airbnb community. The data, drawn from our database and surveys covering the 2015 calendar year, provides cities with insights about Read more

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